Thursday, December 6, 2007

Family Ties!

This will have to be it for tonight...I am beat. I keep having to type the same sentence over because I have so many misspelled words.....So I will have to finish this up tomorrow!

No walls....but it's decorated!

Well we did have the party at my parents new house. There were no walls up except for the beams. But all the decorations turned out really nice. Here are photos before everyone arrived! William and Alex were our door men!!!

Funcle Brian!!!!!

Brain had bought Bo this really cute Coast guard sleeper! It was the right size for his age but Bo is so tall that is was a little short, but thats ok he can still wear it to sleep in! It was really cute!

Ahhh at last......

I have a few minutes to sit down and load some pictures! I am baking Christmas cookies for our Christmas party tomorrow night! So I have eight to ten minutes in between batches! Anyways, This past weekend as many of you know we traveled to Virginia for my parents 25th Wedding Anniversary party! The party it self was an over all success and it was really great to see the family and catch up. Brian and Anna surprised my mom and showed up at dinner....I however knew all along! hehehe! Bo also got to meet his other uncle Brian B. (funcle Brian) for the first time! That was cool. They clicked right away! So I will start with those pictures first and work my way to the party! So relax kick back and enjoy, there might be a lot of pictures for you to look at!