Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh how he makes me laugh....

So I was looking on You tube for funny viedeos and I came across this one from the Carol Burnett Show. It is a bunch of Tim Conway Clips put together.....SO FUNNY I WAS CRYING. Enjoy!

Friday, July 25, 2008

We're moving

So I know I am way behind with posting pictures but I promise I have a good reason. We got home from New York Wednesday evening, and as I ws going through my mail I saw that we received a letter from our "Land Lords". I opened it up and sure enough it was our 60 day notice to be out of our current house. They are turning our housing in to TLF (Temporary Living Facility). So we are moving across base into the new housing that they just opened up. As I am reading through the letter I am thinking that there is no way we can move right after having a baby and us going to Ohio so Jason can run in the AF Marathon. So I went in to the housing office to see if there is anything they can do to get us in before the baby is born. Sure enough our house is ready and she asked if we could move in next week. Sooo to make a long story short, I have been running around base for the last two days touring the houses, filling out paper work, tracking down boxes, packing, taking care of Bo, going to doctors appointments, and now sitting down for a few minutes to update ya'll before I go pack some more! WOW! I am very excited about our new house though. We were given an address today so Jason and I went over this evening to look at it. Technically we only qualify for a three bedroom house and that was what we were expecting to get but instead they had some extra four bedrooms available so we got one of those instead. The house is about 2500 Square feet. I don't even have enough furniture to put in all the rooms. The living room is huge and we might have to buy an additional love seat or chair just to make it cozy! The master Bath is cool! I got what I have always wanted in a house and that is a separate shower and huge soaking tub!!! Guess where I will spend a lot of alone time when needed!!! Anyways, My mom and two of my brothers are coming on Tuesday to help me pack and clean my old house and take care of Bo. We are moving on Saturday and oh did I mention that we are going to be neighbors with a couple from our Church! I am really excited about that! They are moving the same day we are so we are going to help each other out! So needless to say this next week I will not have time to post pictures from our trip that will have to wait till the following week. I just wanted to update you on what was going on so that you didn't begin to wonder if I fell of the face of the earth or something. The other exciting tidbit is that I have only have three weeks and 3 days till my due day!!!! Yay!!! Thank God mom is coming to help me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Off to NY

Well i will have to finish posting once we get to hotel tonight because we are getting ready to leave for Odins Wedding in New York! We should get to the hotel tonight at about 4 or 5 so hopefully I have some time to relax and put my feet up! Until then.....

I want my Lemonade....

Last Saturday we went to Live of the Levee in St. Louis. They host free outdoor concerts all summer long. This time it was Lonestar! We went with my aunt and Uncle Eric and Beth. It was Beth's birthday so we went down for that! Jason and I had some of the best vendor food we have ever had! We both had this Asian BBQ chicken on a stick with the best plate of fried rice ever!!! It wasn't BBQ sauce though, it is hard to describe but it was soooooo yummy! Bo loved the fresh lemonade. He loved to play with the straw as well. I love all these pictures. I think they turned out so well!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Telephone pictionary...

Once we got back from the fireworks, we started playing this game called telephone pictionary. This is the funniest game ever.....It's hard to explain without showing you but I will give it a shot. Everyone gets a sheet of paper and a pen. Everyone then writes a sentence at the top of the page, folds it over and passes it to the person to their right. That person then reads the sentence and draws a picture to describe the sentence. They then fold it over so only the picture is seen and passes to their right. That person then writes a sentence that describes the picture, and so on and so on. you can decide how many times you want to do this but the end result is sooooooo funny. We were rolling with laughter! You will have to play it sometime! Well Saturday morning Bo woke up not feeling well. He is still teething so he was really cuddly. Once Jason got home from his 12 mile run he showered and took care of Bo while my mom and I worked on my dress. We love it when Bo just sits with you and falls asleep. Jason was pretty tired though to. As most of you know he is training to run the Air Force marathon in September....So last Saturday was his long run day. He is up to 12 miles, I think this week is 14. way could I do that. So in September we are going up to wright-pat in Ohio for the marathon. Me, Bo and Baby #2 are going to be cheering daddy on! My parents are also going to go up for the event! So I am looking forward to that!!!

Happy Fourth!

We walked down to the Bay to watch the fireworks. However, they really sucked. We couldn't really see them we almost had to squint. The company was good! Then it started to rain and so he hurried back to the house for dessert and games. I just love the picture of my mom and her friend Bonnie. They were making fun about how they never take good pictures so I just snapped this one and it turned out soooo cute!!! Our family picture is cute but man I feel and look like I am ready to have this baby....only six more weeks! Can't wait!!!

It's official...

I am joining stampin' up. I am filling our my paper work tonight and I am putting it in the mail in the morning!!! I am so excited. So to kick this off I am offering a 20 percent discount on all orders you place through me for the next month. I should get my kit in the next week or two, but I do have a catalog that you can look at if you want to place an order. You can always visit to view the catalog on line. Just let me know if you need anything!!! YAY I am excited!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bo talking!

Bo started talking this past week. He can say Mama, dada, cacar (cracker), Bah (ball) and ku (Nuk). Here is a short video of Bo, he was just sitting on this stool my mom had and was singing away and then started talking. I was only able to catch the last minute of it but it was really cute!

Suprise for my Birthday!!!

Tuesday night I went to bed thinking that I would wake up on Wednesday and have a busy day of cleaning and card making. That however was not the case. Usually Jason gets up early to go to PT and then comes home and quietly gets ready for work, sometimes I wake up to his noise, but more times than not I sleep right through it. Wednesday morning he noisily comes into the bedroom and turns on the light. I was quite startled. He started saying something about having to give me something early, here I am blurry eyed and half asleep as he hands me a card. I read the card and then he lets me read what was put in the card. It was a print out of map quest directions to my parents house. He had written on there that I needed to pack my bags and we were leaving at 11:30. Once I got all the sleep out of my eyes I was like really!!!! Yup he had to go into work of one meeting but that we were leaving at 11:30!!!! Woohoo! So my mind started racing as to what I needed to pack and what I needed to do. By the time Jason left for work it was almost 9:00. That left me with just about 2 and a half hours to get everything done. I got up fed and got Bo ready, Checked on some bills, brought in the suit cases and started packing realizing that some of the stuff I needed was dirty. So I put in a load of laundry, then put baby einstien in for Bo while I showered and packed all our toiletries and clothes. Once I got all this done I looked at the clock and it was 11:30 and Jason just pulled in. He changed and then packed the car. I packed the cooler and then looked at the pile of dishes in the sink. Oh well, we left them. I don't think we really cared, we just wanted to get away. So by the time we got gas and ice we were on the road by noon. 30 minutes late but we were going. Normally the drive would have taken 13 hours but with the time change and then me having to pee every hour and half it took almost 15 hours. We got in at 4:30am. It was a worth the drive though. We didn't really have a schedule, we didn't have to be anywhere, and it was really good to see the family!!! Thursday night we drove up to Richmond and had my birthday dinner at Maggianos Little Italy! Yum their Fired Zucchini is the best! Friday I helped my mom with some decorating and then we preped for the 4th BBQ! The evening was filled with laughter, games and some pretty lame fire works. we walked down to the bay because a guy said that if we went there we would see all the fireworks from Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Hampton. However, that was not the case. they were so far away that you almost had to squint your eyes to see them and then it started to rain so we just went home and played games and had dessert. Saturday My mom and I worked on making my dress to wear to Odin and Kimberlys Wedding. next week. The dress turned out and looks fantastic! I will have to post pictures of that later though. Saturday night we relaxed and made popcorn, watched movies and just hung out. Sunday morning we packed the car and then sat down for a breakfast of German pancakes and fresh fruit! Then we hit the road at 9:00 and we got home at about 11:15. We had such a great weekend and it was fun to get away and see my family!!! Pictures to follow!