Monday, February 4, 2008

More park fun!

At the park today they had this little area where kids who couldn't climb the playground equipment yet could play. Anyways, Bo is in his castle and was loving every minute of it! He really liked banging on the poles next to the little castle! =)

Enjoying the weather at the park!

Today Bo and I went for a nice walk. It was 67 degrees outside, needless to say all our snow that we got on Thursday is now melted. We stopped at the park close to our house and I pushed Bo in the swing. He was loving it. He really likes being outside, which is great because we will be spending a lot of time at the park or at the pool all summer!

Fun in the Snow!

Last Thursday night we got dumped on as far as snow goes. We got a total of nine inches. So on Saturday we got Bo all bundled up in his snow suit and took him outside to have his first "Snow" experience. At first he didn't know what to think, other than "I can't move". Then he was having fun for awhile and then it turned into I am done. Yes in the first picture, if you look closely, that is totally a big bugger coming out of his nose, haha. Boaz was able to stand up in the snow all by himself. However he wanted nothing to do with crawling in it. We tried to get him to make a snow angel but he didn't like that either. Oh well, He will grow into doing those things! W had fun though!

Pen pal cards!

Here are two cards that I made for this pen pal group I am apart of! i got to use my new cuttlebug, and I cut out the little feet and flip flops! I like that one because it is very springy!

Back again, with news!

WOW, It has been awhile. I am soooo sorry. Well I seem to have misplaced the CD with all the pictures from Christmas and New Years, so when I locate that I will up load those. However, I have several from the past month or so that I will upload. Things have been crazy at times since Christmas. It has been good though. As many of you already know, we are expecting Baby number two in August! We are very happy and excited. I am hoping for a girl and of course Jason wants another Boy, but we will be happy with either! I have my first doctors appointment today! I am twelve weeks. I am finally approaching the three month mark and am starting to feel better! No more morning sickness, yay! I have been busy switching Bo's room with the guest room, because the guest room was bigger and would be easier to house two kids. I just have to finish p the guest/craft room, but it shouldn't take me long.
Well, all this afternoon I will be posting pictures so be sure to check back later to see them!!!