Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Find Joy!

Here is one that I whipped out real fast with my cousin the other day. Simplebut I thought it turned out alright!

Bought and Sold!

My neighbor wants to buy some cards from me so I told her that i would make up a few examples and she can pick which one she likes best. Here are five of them. I think I might make one more. She said she really likes purple, but would like a few other colors as well and she said that she wanted at least on unisex one. So this is what I have come up with so far! The miss you one I actually did as an SCS challenge today! I had fun making that one. By the way it looks way better in person!


Ok, Last weekend I invited all my neighbors to a coffee get to know you/stamp camp and this first one was the invitation I made! It is just a postcard with all the info on the back. The next three are cards that I made to send out with Bo's new pictures. I made several different colors but here are three different ones!

Trying on new clothes!!!

So this past week Bo has grown out of all his 3-6 month sleepers and I went through my stash of clothes in his closet and found a couple 6-9 months sleepers! I tried them on him just to make sure they fit before I washed them and took all the tags off. He looked so stinkin cute I just had to take a few pictures! So here is my Handsome Boy!

Sunday, August 19, 2007


Alright I was blog hopping and found this and thought it would be fun! You can give it a try and use the first letter of your own name! Have fun!

Your Name: Andrea

Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Abba
4 letter word: Army
Vehicle: Acura
TV SHOW: American Idol
City/Town: Albany
Boy Name: Adam
Girl Name: Adrianna
Occupation: Acupuncturist
Something you wear: Apron
Celebrity: Adrian Brody
Food: Angel Food Cake
Something found in a kitchen: Apple
Reason for Being Late: Argued with my husband.
Cartoon Character: Alladin
Something You Shout: A##hole

Monday, August 13, 2007

Stamp Camp Cards!

Ok I know i had posted some of my ideas for the stamp camp on Saturday but I think I might change some of them. The first one was just a thank you card that I made for a friend but the other two are my other two ideas. So I will just have to decide! We'll see.

Bo and Tiffanie!

Here are a few more pictures from the trip! Bo loved Tiffanie! she had this little baby doll and he would go nuts when she would tickle him with it! It was so cute, he would scream and laugh! =)

Texas Baby Shower!!!

I am back from my trip to Texas. Visiting Tiffanie and her family was a lot of fun! It was very relaxing! Anyways, here are a few pictures from the trip and of the baby shower. At one point Tif and Bo fell asleep on the couch while I was taking a shower and I thought it was really cute! The baby shower was really fun! She got lots of cool stuff. Of course she got the cutest cloths for the twins! I have a few more to post but it wouldn't let me upload them all at the same time. Anyways, Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. Hook for the plane ticket. I had a blast visiting everybody!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

real quick!

Ok I just had to post these pictures real quick. Jason got Bo dressed for bed and he came down with this on. I didn't think this outfit fit him yet but I guess it does. Anyways I thought it was cute!!!

Off to Texas!!!

Just wanted to post a quick note and say that I am off to my girlfriends house in Texas. My good friend Tiffanie is having twins and her baby shower is this weekend. Thanks To her parents Bo and I are able to go down for that! We are so excited to see our friends!!! So, I do have the other cards done for my stamp camp, I just didn't have time to post them. Jason and I did go on a date tonight and my cousin Rebekah watched Bo! It was nice to get away for awhile! We went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum! which was excellent! I would highly recommend it!!!! It was the best $7.50 spent ever! But anyways, I have a few last things to pack for the trip so I have to go and I will post more when I get back on Monday!!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

For my stamp camp?

Alrighty, My neighbor and I are putting together a coffee get to know you/stamp camp for all the ladies in my culdisac (spelling?) and hers. So here are a couple ideas that I was thinking about doing? I am not sure about the first one. the blue and green one? What do you guys thins? I am not sure that those colors go? and the Munch Love one we are going to have a little cellophane bag of either gummie bears or skittles, so that the moms can give them to their kids on the first day of school! I also have to come up with one other card so I will post that one later!

Monday, August 6, 2007

For You!

This was a SCS Color Challenge that I did! I used Close to Cocoa, Bashful Blue, and Certainly Celery. I embossed the little flower with iridescent Ice. Opps, my brads are a little crooked. I will have to fix that. I did have a little piece of sheer whit ribbon going around the white cardstock over the center of the flower, but a friend did not like it as much, she said it took away from the flower, but what do you think??? Well I am off to fold laundry then I am going to play around with todays SCS Challenge! So check back later!

Our house!

Here you go for those of you who wanted to see what our house looked like here it is!! This is only the front but I will post more pictures later once I fold all the laundry! hehe!

Lunch with A.K.!

Last Friday I was able to meet up with A.K. In downtown St. Louis to have lunch with her and her mom and sister and brother in law. I had a lot of fun just being able to catch up her and meet her family! A.K. was feeding Bo his bottle and he kept falling asleep and the milk would run out the side of his mouth. Then he would sort of wake up and start eating again and then fall back asleep, It was quite funny! So finally we gave up trying to feed him. I wish we had had more time to do stuff but it was still great to see her!