Tuesday, August 7, 2007

For my stamp camp?

Alrighty, My neighbor and I are putting together a coffee get to know you/stamp camp for all the ladies in my culdisac (spelling?) and hers. So here are a couple ideas that I was thinking about doing? I am not sure about the first one. the blue and green one? What do you guys thins? I am not sure that those colors go? and the Munch Love one we are going to have a little cellophane bag of either gummie bears or skittles, so that the moms can give them to their kids on the first day of school! I also have to come up with one other card so I will post that one later!

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Kirstin said...

they are all nice Andrea, but I would not go with the delight in life one or the happiness always one as they are both sets that are not available for ourchase, so if you make them and your customers decide they want to buy the set, they are up the creek without a paddle, I would go with something that is current, actually the minch love set is retired to isn't it? I would go with the blue and green one myself.