Monday, August 6, 2007

Lunch with A.K.!

Last Friday I was able to meet up with A.K. In downtown St. Louis to have lunch with her and her mom and sister and brother in law. I had a lot of fun just being able to catch up her and meet her family! A.K. was feeding Bo his bottle and he kept falling asleep and the milk would run out the side of his mouth. Then he would sort of wake up and start eating again and then fall back asleep, It was quite funny! So finally we gave up trying to feed him. I wish we had had more time to do stuff but it was still great to see her!

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A.K. said...

love the pics and loved seeing you too even more. Sorry Jason and Scotty had to miss out. Scott said he had to call Scott AFB a few times yesterday about something and expected to hear Jason on the other line! how funny would that have been!

i'll talk to scotty about possibly meeting up that weekend and get back to you!