Monday, June 25, 2007

Wedding Pictures!

Alright, they did it! Brian and Anna's wedding turned out beautifully! Yes I cried as anna was walking down the aisle. The wedding was simple but very pretty! It was so Anna and Brian. They wrote the programs in script form! I thought that was cool! Of course Thanks to Odin we got our Starbucks fix during pictures! Oh yes, How do you like my tan lines.....=) But anyways! It was really good to see a lot of family and old friends! I had fun. I am hoping my flight home tomorrow goes smoothly. Coming up to billings was one heck of a trip. My flight was late leaving montgomery and that caused me to miss my plane in Atlanta, which that caused me to miss my plane in Denver. Then I was put on stand by out of Denver. It was a long day. I was up at six that morning and I didn't get to Billings until 2am the next morning. So this has been a long but very happy weekend. I am looking forward to not really doing much of anything the rest of this week! Oh yeah and on top of missing all my connecting flights the airline lost all my luggage. So hopefully tomorrows flight will go a lot smoother.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Off to Brian's wedding!

Woohooo, I leave tof Montana Wednesday morning! I will be in Montana for five days! I am so excited to go to my brothers wedding! It will be one heck of a party! Grandma and Grandpa are really excited to see Bo! Of course! I can't wait for Brian and Anna to meet Bo! So I am getting ready to pack, doing laundry and the like. It is going to be one long travel day on wednesday. my plane leaves at 9:30am and then i don't get to Billings until 4:15, Yeah and I have to layovers. So I am hoping Bo does well, maybe he will just sleep the whole time? I guess we'll see. Jason will have to fend for himself. Hopefully our neighbors will feed he will be fine. So anyways, I will try and post some pictures but it might not happen until I get back.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Of course I had to post some of BO!

Ok the first Photo was taken at the pool today! Bo loves the pool! The second photo was taken the day before we came down to Alabama. The third Photograph was Bo's very first trip to the pool! It was a hot one. It has been averaging about oh 97-100 degrees.

If the shoe fits!

I do like my shoes! This was an attempt to recreate a card I made a while back and then as I was making it I realized that I didn't have the right stamps, so this is a revised version!

Happy Birthday


Coffee Fix!

I do like coffee stamps! I think it's because I am addicted to Starbucks! I guess there are worse things huh! =)

Red flowers!

Happy for you!

I'm Back!!!!

Ok finally, I now have internet in my room...took them long enough. I feel deprived ahhhh. Anyways, I have had a little spare time on my hands and i made a few cards. I don't know how I feel about some of them so be sure to let me now what you think! Ok give me a few minutes to upload photos and then I will post them!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sorry No internet....

Hey ya'll sorry I have not updated my blog yet, I am using a friends internet while mine gets fixed in our room! Hopefully it will get done soon...They sure are taking there sweet little old time, but I will update as soon as I get things working! Anyways, Talk to ya'll soon!