Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Of course I had to post some of BO!

Ok the first Photo was taken at the pool today! Bo loves the pool! The second photo was taken the day before we came down to Alabama. The third Photograph was Bo's very first trip to the pool! It was a hot one. It has been averaging about oh 97-100 degrees.


A.K. said...

yay! check my blog to see more pics of your handsome son... miss ya'll!

Kirstin said...

look at that little cutie!!! he is 3 months already???

Karen said...

Hey pretty girl! Love the newest pics of Bo (and your blog is really fun -- I didn't know you were SO creative!)

Kaia said...

Bo! You are the CUTEST!!!!!
Love Gramma

PS. Jason and Andrea we love you guys too!!