Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Little update.

Many of you probably already know that I am pregnant again and I am due August 19th. Right now I am 23 weeks, so just a little over half way done! Can't wait, and summer isn't even here yet ugh =) Guess I will be spending a lot of time in the pool! Well I had my ultrasound a couple of weeks ago and we found out that we are having another BOY! We are really excited. As much as I want a girl it will be really good for Bo to have a brother he can rough and tumble with! Haven't really thought of any names, but that wouldn't matter because we keep the name a secret...hehe.

Jason got promoted at work ( sort of) there was no increase of pay (bummer) but he got a lot more responsibility. But it is really good for him and he is really liking his job. I am doing the usual taking care of Bo and the house. Scrapbooking and stamping in my spare time. It has been really nice out this past week or two so Bo and I have been going on a lot more walks! Which has been great!
Bo on the other hand wasn't feeling to well last Friday. He had a high fever, chills, and wasn't eating. So we took him into the ER Friday night to have him checked out. On the way there he threw up a couple times, so then I started to freak out. Come to find out, he had just a touch of Pneumonia, and ear infection and he was cutting his molars, plus the fever on top of all that. Poor little guy. He was miserable. I have no idea how or when he got the little bit of pneumonia? He didn't have any symptoms or anything? Well they put him on antibiotics and he is feeling tons better. He is back to sleeping through the night and is acting more and more like himself! Yay!!! We are going to see his pediatrician in the morning to make sure everything is cleared up. Hopefully it's nice so we can walk to the clinic. Well thats all I have for now. My brain is tired and needs to sleep.....zzzzz.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Park Pictures!

Here are a few more pictures from when we went to the park yesterday! Bo does not like grass as of prickly. He will probably get used to it by summer time though, hopefully. A game Boaz really likes and would play all day if he could is "where's Boaz?" He covers his eyes and waits a few seconds and then takes his hands downs and smiles really big and laughs! So cute!

Playing at the park!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring Sensation!

Ok so this past weekend I was in a card making mood! On the first tree cards here I used Apricot Appeal, Wild Wasabi, and Regal Rose. I really like these colors together! The first card I used the Polka dots and Paisley stamp set and the Reason to smile (?) retired hostess set. I embossed the little flower with Iridescent Ice and then added a little ribbon that I got from Michael and then added the two little eyelets. I actually used the reason to smile on the second one as well. I also just used my Galaxy marker and filled in some of the little dots in the background and added ribbon. Simple but I thought it was cute. Now this third card is not my favorite. I played and played around with it but nothing seemed to work, so this is was the end result. I stilll don't like it but oh well.

Now these two cards a did like a month ago. They were both layout challenges for SCS. The first is a 5x5 card. I used Rose red and Chocolate Chip card stock. I punched the circle and then stamped the flower in it. I also added some double sided sticky tape to the flower and then added some little beads. I used DP from Hobby Lobby and then just added the ribbon and eyelets. The last card is a little dark but it looks better in person. I used Chocolate chip, purely Pomegranate and barely Banana. I used the Happy harmony stamp set, sponged the edges and then added the flower with the cute little flower brad in the middle. This was an easy card to make and an easy challenge.

Photo Box

I got this idea from a friend. I didn't have a template or directions so I just winged it. But I think it turned out super cute! What a great gift idea! What you will need: 7 sheets of 12x12 DP, Glue dots, cutter, double sided tape or other adhesive, and embellishments and ribbon of your choice.

Starting with your 12x12 paper, I drew the template on the back of each sheet. the first two sheets are the first layer of the box and it measures 4x4 when put together. the next layer measures3 3/4x 3 3/34, The last layer measures 3 1/2 x 3 1/2. Now if you want the template just leave a comment and I can upload or send you a picture of it. Each layer also get just about 2/8 of an inch shorter as they go in. Once all paper is cut then I taped them together in the center. Now you should only have one piece of DP left and that is for the top of the box. Mine measured out to be I think 4 1/4 x 4 1/4. These are the finished measurements by the way. Once the box was all assembled I put different embellishments on it and I made the flowers that sit on top of the box. So take a look at the pictures and let me know if you have any questions. This project took me about 2 hours to make, but now that I have the template and know what I am doing the second one won't take quite as long maybe 30-45 minutes start to finish.

Bo's first hair cut!

So this past weekend Bo got his first hair cut. Jis hair was getting so long that he almost looked like he was getting a mullet, and we don't want that yuk. So Jason pulled out the clippers and cut his hair. He did surprisingly well. At first he wanted to see what dad was doing but then he just played with some of the hair that fell into the sink. Then after his hair cut I gave him a bath and combed his hair. He looked so stinkin cute! Then it was bed time and we brushed his teeth!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Lucky You!

This was a card for two different Challenges last week I believe. We were to use only Two coordinating papers, and then the layout was for the other challenge. I love the way this card turned out! Some have said it is a little busy but I still like it! I got the paper from Hobby Lobby. I also used Chocolate Chip and Mellow moss (Will have to double check on that?) I also just tied the three different ribbons to the Brown polka dot and the white ribbons. I layered two coordinating flowers and stuck a brad through them.

I liked this paper so much I went back to Hobby Lobby today and got some more! =)