Friday, July 23, 2010

Chicken Piccata Pasta Review!

So I made this recipe for dinner tonight and it turned out really yummy! However the 1/2 block of cream cheese that I had was moldy so it didn't have any cream cheese. I think it is a key ingredient to have for this recipe. It had great lemon-pepper flavor. I think the cream cheese would have been a nice creamy touch and would have toned the lemon flavor down a bit. I liked that it was not sauce heavy! It was a liter pasta dish. Serve with a salad and some garlic bread and you will have a perfect dinner the whole family is sure to LOVE!

Chicken Piccata Pasta!

This is a New recipe from the Pampered Chef that I will be trying out tonight! It looks so yummy I can't wait to taste it!
Here is what you will need:
1 1/4 lbs of boneless Chicken breasts
2 tbsp Olive Oil Divided
1 1/2 tbsp Lemon Pepper Rub
3 Cans chicken broth (reduced sodium)
1/2 Onion
12 oz uncooked angel hair pasta
1 Lemon
2 oz Cream Cheese softened
1 can quartered artichoke hearts in water, drained
1/2 cup capers, drained and rinsed
chopped fresh parsley and grated parmesan cheese (optional)

1) Cut Chicken into 1 inch pieces. Combine 1 tbsp of the oil and rub in mixing bowl; Toss to coat. Heat remaining oil in skillet pver medium heat or until shimmering. Add chicken to skillet; Cook and stir 10 minutes or until center is no longer pink. Remover chicken and set aside.

2)Meanwhile, pour broth into Large Micro cooker and microwave on high 8 minutes or until broth comes to a boil. Chop onion using the food chopper. Add onion to skillet; Cook 10-20 seconds or until onion is fragrant. Carefully add the broth and pasta to skillet; Cook uncovered 7-8 minutes or until pasta is tender, stirring occasionally.

3) Zest Lemon to measure 1 tbsp. Juice Lemon to measure 2 tbsp. Add zest, juice, cream cheese to skillet; Stir until cream cheese is fully incorporated. Add chicken and artichokes to skillet. Cook uncovered 1-2 minutes or until heated through. Remover from skillet and stir in capers. Garnish with Parsley and Parmesan cheese if desired.

Yield: 6 servings
calories: 440, Fat 10g, Saturated fat 3g, cholesterol 65mg, carbs 53g, protien 35mg, sodium 1410mg, fiber 6g.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

We are HOME!!!

The past couple weeks have been really busy. They have been fun but also tiring. It all started with out Trip to Ohio to house hunt. After 2 days of looking at different apartments and condos we decided that we are going to live on base! We were able to lock in a rent rate that is lower than we expected, YAY!

Here is our house! We get keys on August 16th! This picture was taken from the park/playground area that is literally just a few steps out the front door! I will be able to sit in the family room, living room or porch and watch the boys play!

If you would like to see the floor plan of the house here it is! Ours is titled "Type 28" 4 Bedroom 2 1/2 bath. We are very excited to move in....and best of all we are allowed to paint! Woohoo!!!

My mom met us in Ohio to take the boys back to NY with her. Jason and I then went home and I got ready to leave for Chicago! My Pampered Chef conference was fantastic! I learned a lot through the workshops and just being around my team gave me so much inspiration for the fall season! The new fall products coming out September 1st are sure to be a hit! I can't wait to share them with you all!

Here is my team that went to conference this year! I had so much fun with everyone and i look forward to our fall kick off!!!

From Chicago Jason picked me up and we drove to New York for the Isum Family reunion! Again it was so nice to see everyone, relax and really do nothing! We enjoyed various activities from playing cards, cooking meals, the family auction, being rained out (lol), and just chatting and relaxing with everyone!

All in all it has been a great couple of weeks. I am happy we were able to do so much and see so many people! I have more pictures coming from some of our various excursions but that will have to wait till tomorrow.

For now it's back to working on the house getting it all packed up and cleaned. While I was at my Pampered Chef conference, Jason did a fabulous job getting things packed up and organized. The only things really left to pack are a few thing in the master bedroom, everything remaining in the kitchen and a little bit that is left in the laundry room. He really got a lot done as far as cleaning goes, carpets are cleaned, walls are painted, garage is cleaned and organized and all the empty rooms are vacuumed! This week I am going to focus on getting the dirt smudges and marks off the walls and doorways, finish packing up the laundry room and going through my pantry to see what I want to keep and what I want to get rid of.

More to come next week!

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Pampered Chef Promo!!!

I have had a Fabulous week attending Pampered Chef National Conference! I am so excited to share with you, some of the new and exciting things that will be happening this fall. Right now I want to share with you a huge goal that I am working towards and I will not be able to accomplish this without your help.

Pampered Chef has a new promotion going on for all their consultants from July 1st through September 31st and it is called "Shopping Spree of 53" YES I want to be one of the 53. To help me reach this goal I have some fabulous incentives for you.

First, Host a cooking show or catalog show within the next 3 weeks and receive a $25 Pampered Chef gift certificate that you can use at your show, or anytime you want.

Second, Ask me how you can have a DEBT FREE Holiday season and set up a time to talk to me about having your own Pampered Chef business and receive a Free Cookbook of your choice!
Start your own Pampered Chef business for as little as $80 between now and August 31st and receive a $50 gift certificate from me that you can use on products, paperwork, or logo wear!!! Also, The Pampered Chef is giving away $170 in NEW Fall Products to every consultant that starts their own business between now and august 31st!!! That is in addition to your consultant kit!!!! ASK ME HOW!!!

Third, refer a friend to me that would be interested in hosting a show or earning some extra income and receive a $20 gift certificate at their show!!!

Visit my website at and send me a request more information form. I will then contact you within 24hours! If you have my email address or phone number you can get a hold of me that way as well!
I hope to talk to you soon!!!!!!

Friday, July 2, 2010

24 Weeks

Not to much to report this week... Baby has been moving a lot! So cool!!! I have had an increase in acid reflux which kinda sucks. It makes it hard to fall asleep sometimes. I have been taking a bath almost every night before I go to bed. It helps relax my sore back, legs, feet etc.. and I tend to sleep better if I take a bath, So I do! I also went and treated myself to a pedicure today! I got to sit on one of those big over-sized massage chairs and it was heavenly...I almost fell asleep I was so relaxed.

We are getting a lot done as far as packing goes. My house constantly looks like a tornado went through it, even though I have a TON of stuff packed. I have piles going...this goes with the boys to NY, this is for the Family reunion, this is for my PC conference or show, then the infamous pile of "I don't know what to do with that, so just put it there." I noticed that it is getting harder for me to bend down for long periods of when packing boxes. My abdomen really starts to hurt after awhile. So I need to remember to sit down as much as possible while packing. Easier said than done. My kitchen is packed though, with the exception of some of my PC stuff. We are now living on paper plates, bowls, and cups. Less dishes to worry about right!

We are also just throwing a bunch of junk away. It amazes me how much stuff accumulates over just a couple of years. Stupid stuff... like coupons that we never used and expired a year ago, magazines that I never cut that recipe out of, the random lone sock that I probably threw the other match away, saved shopping bags from like bath and body works, starbucks, VS etc...
So we have several garbage bags scattered around the house and things are getting tossed left and right. It feels good to purge and get rid of junk but man my house looks like one big mess. It always seems to look worse before it gets better.

As for the Fourth of July weekend, Jason is running 15 miles Saturday morning. He is in the middle of training for the AF marathon. Then we are going to work on some straightening up and more packing. Then we haven't decided if we are going to go to a BBQ or go into ST. Louis to see John Legend at a free concert. I guess we will have to see how tired we are after all is said and done. On Sunday we are going to Church and then from there we are taking the Metro into STL for fair St. Louis and then fireworks on the levy at sundown! So it will be a long day but I am so looking forward to just chilling out downtown, eating some good food, playing in the downtown water park fountains and watching the fireworks!!! Good thing I have my sit and stand!!! YAY!!!

On Monday we are starting the whole house hunting process. We are going to spend a couple of days in OH looking at houses and apartments and hopefully make a decision and sign a lease while we are there. I am hoping that it is a stress free process, because that will be the only thing that we have to focus on. My mom is meeting us there to pick the boys up and she will be able to help us out for two days while we house hunt! So my fingers are crossed and I am hoping we can actually breath and relax for a couple of days!

Anyways, I think I am going to take a hot bath and then hit the hay, I am so exhausted. So much to do this weekend.