Sunday, October 28, 2007


Here are the pictures of getting Bo in the car...

Tiny little sports car.....

So today we had to take the blazer into Firestone to have a weird noise checked out and come to find out we needed to have the two front brakes replaced. So we dropped it off and took Jasons rental that he had the whole time he was down here. but it was a two door chevy cobalt. It was interesting getting Bo in and ot of the back seat. It was really tiny. I am glad we have our blazer!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ok Pick me up....

He played for like three minutes and then decided he was done and wanted to be picked up =)

sand, sand, sand!

Jason helped Bo decide that sand was fun to play with!

More Beach!

Bo didn't know what o think of the sand! I think he was kind of scared of it at first. I have a few more to post!

A Walk on the Beach!

Today we went for a walk along th beach. It was cool and breezy and it was beautiful! They are trying to rebuild up the beach because a lot of it was washed away in Katrina. But here are a few photos.

The Shed!

Ok, I am not even joking. This is a real restaurant. It is a BBQ joint. It was like walking into a food joint in Jamaica or something. but man this place has great food! There are some tables inside but most people eat outside at the picnic tables! They had live music outside! The shed it one of those places you would drive by and think "are they serious?" and keep on driving. It is a word of mouth referral. It was really, really good though. I just had to post pictures of this place cuz I thought it was pretty funny!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Getting the oil changed!

So last week Bo and I took the blazer to get an oil change and he was so cute while we were waiting I just had to take some pictures. Here you go!

Daddy and Bo!

Alrighty, So Bo needed to have a bath but we don't have a tub only a shower so we improvised. Needless to say he was a little big for this sink! =) This is also the sink we wash the dishes in and brush our teeth. Yeah the room is pretty small here in Mississippi. We have a microwave and a little fridge and Thank God a coffee pot!

Can't wait to go home!

Well here we are still in Mississippi. Jason graduates on Tuesday and we are going to leave right afterwards and drive about half way. That way we only have about 5 hours to drive n Wednesday! The experience is very similar to Alabama except I don't have awesome neighbors like we did there. I am surrounded by a bunch of single people. Oh well. we still have fun. WE grilled out tonight and Bo was the life of the party! Of course he always is! =) Anyways, I will be posting a few pictures that we have taken so far. This weekend we are going to try and get down to the beach for a walk or something! It has been gloomy and raining for the past week so we haven't really gone out except to eat, but it is supposed to be nice this weekend so maybe I will get to see more than our room! Enjoy!

Friday, October 19, 2007


Hi ya'll just wanted to let you know that I am now in Mississippi with Jason! It is really good to be here! It has been a long 5 weeks....not as long as OTS though. Anyways, Jason is not sure when he is graduating. It looks like it will be next Friday. He was supposed to graduate on October 30th so we'll see....I will post pictures when we get home!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

On T.V.

Tonight my family was in the news! The Fox/Wavy News 10 came out and interviewed them about their house project and the adoption. The video below show the broadcast! For those of you who don't know they have a blog and that site is You can check that out for all the current updates!

Murnion's in the News!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Seeing Gradma and Grandpa in Ohio!

Last weekend Bo and I drove the 5 and 1/2 hours to Wright-Patt AFB in Ohio and spent three days with my parents! They where there for some training that my dad had to go to so I just went for a visit! It wasn't that bad of a drive!

The Pumpkin one

I made for the swap on saturday. I found this really shimmery paper at michaels and just had to have it! The pumpkin stamp is from the dollar section at michaels and I got the gold leaves there as well! I thought it turned out really cute! It was the only "Fall" card there! The other two are for Jasons cousin who just had a baby boy! I have to get them in the mail tomorrow! The pink one is for her =) And yes if your thinking the layouts on the pumpkin card and the baby card are the same......they are cuz I made them the same night back to back! =)

This is it for what we made on Saturday!

Holiday Swap!

this past weekend I met with a bunch of gals from the St. Louis area from SCS! The theme was holiday cards. here are a few that we made.


Just some more pictures. The sleeper Bo is wearing is my favorite! He is also wearing the little overall outfit that my dad got him last year! Cute!