Friday, October 26, 2007

Can't wait to go home!

Well here we are still in Mississippi. Jason graduates on Tuesday and we are going to leave right afterwards and drive about half way. That way we only have about 5 hours to drive n Wednesday! The experience is very similar to Alabama except I don't have awesome neighbors like we did there. I am surrounded by a bunch of single people. Oh well. we still have fun. WE grilled out tonight and Bo was the life of the party! Of course he always is! =) Anyways, I will be posting a few pictures that we have taken so far. This weekend we are going to try and get down to the beach for a walk or something! It has been gloomy and raining for the past week so we haven't really gone out except to eat, but it is supposed to be nice this weekend so maybe I will get to see more than our room! Enjoy!

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