Monday, June 18, 2007

Off to Brian's wedding!

Woohooo, I leave tof Montana Wednesday morning! I will be in Montana for five days! I am so excited to go to my brothers wedding! It will be one heck of a party! Grandma and Grandpa are really excited to see Bo! Of course! I can't wait for Brian and Anna to meet Bo! So I am getting ready to pack, doing laundry and the like. It is going to be one long travel day on wednesday. my plane leaves at 9:30am and then i don't get to Billings until 4:15, Yeah and I have to layovers. So I am hoping Bo does well, maybe he will just sleep the whole time? I guess we'll see. Jason will have to fend for himself. Hopefully our neighbors will feed he will be fine. So anyways, I will try and post some pictures but it might not happen until I get back.


Admin said...

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A.K. said...

of course we'll take care of Jason- it's like swapping kids so you can have a date night- but we are swapping husbands for dinners! You fed Scott last week while I was gone- We'll feed Jason this week while you are gone!

Signe said...

Andrea... wish Becky and I could be there... I know everything will go well. Have a great trip.