Monday, July 7, 2008

Suprise for my Birthday!!!

Tuesday night I went to bed thinking that I would wake up on Wednesday and have a busy day of cleaning and card making. That however was not the case. Usually Jason gets up early to go to PT and then comes home and quietly gets ready for work, sometimes I wake up to his noise, but more times than not I sleep right through it. Wednesday morning he noisily comes into the bedroom and turns on the light. I was quite startled. He started saying something about having to give me something early, here I am blurry eyed and half asleep as he hands me a card. I read the card and then he lets me read what was put in the card. It was a print out of map quest directions to my parents house. He had written on there that I needed to pack my bags and we were leaving at 11:30. Once I got all the sleep out of my eyes I was like really!!!! Yup he had to go into work of one meeting but that we were leaving at 11:30!!!! Woohoo! So my mind started racing as to what I needed to pack and what I needed to do. By the time Jason left for work it was almost 9:00. That left me with just about 2 and a half hours to get everything done. I got up fed and got Bo ready, Checked on some bills, brought in the suit cases and started packing realizing that some of the stuff I needed was dirty. So I put in a load of laundry, then put baby einstien in for Bo while I showered and packed all our toiletries and clothes. Once I got all this done I looked at the clock and it was 11:30 and Jason just pulled in. He changed and then packed the car. I packed the cooler and then looked at the pile of dishes in the sink. Oh well, we left them. I don't think we really cared, we just wanted to get away. So by the time we got gas and ice we were on the road by noon. 30 minutes late but we were going. Normally the drive would have taken 13 hours but with the time change and then me having to pee every hour and half it took almost 15 hours. We got in at 4:30am. It was a worth the drive though. We didn't really have a schedule, we didn't have to be anywhere, and it was really good to see the family!!! Thursday night we drove up to Richmond and had my birthday dinner at Maggianos Little Italy! Yum their Fired Zucchini is the best! Friday I helped my mom with some decorating and then we preped for the 4th BBQ! The evening was filled with laughter, games and some pretty lame fire works. we walked down to the bay because a guy said that if we went there we would see all the fireworks from Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Newport News, and Hampton. However, that was not the case. they were so far away that you almost had to squint your eyes to see them and then it started to rain so we just went home and played games and had dessert. Saturday My mom and I worked on making my dress to wear to Odin and Kimberlys Wedding. next week. The dress turned out and looks fantastic! I will have to post pictures of that later though. Saturday night we relaxed and made popcorn, watched movies and just hung out. Sunday morning we packed the car and then sat down for a breakfast of German pancakes and fresh fruit! Then we hit the road at 9:00 and we got home at about 11:15. We had such a great weekend and it was fun to get away and see my family!!! Pictures to follow!

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