Friday, July 25, 2008

We're moving

So I know I am way behind with posting pictures but I promise I have a good reason. We got home from New York Wednesday evening, and as I ws going through my mail I saw that we received a letter from our "Land Lords". I opened it up and sure enough it was our 60 day notice to be out of our current house. They are turning our housing in to TLF (Temporary Living Facility). So we are moving across base into the new housing that they just opened up. As I am reading through the letter I am thinking that there is no way we can move right after having a baby and us going to Ohio so Jason can run in the AF Marathon. So I went in to the housing office to see if there is anything they can do to get us in before the baby is born. Sure enough our house is ready and she asked if we could move in next week. Sooo to make a long story short, I have been running around base for the last two days touring the houses, filling out paper work, tracking down boxes, packing, taking care of Bo, going to doctors appointments, and now sitting down for a few minutes to update ya'll before I go pack some more! WOW! I am very excited about our new house though. We were given an address today so Jason and I went over this evening to look at it. Technically we only qualify for a three bedroom house and that was what we were expecting to get but instead they had some extra four bedrooms available so we got one of those instead. The house is about 2500 Square feet. I don't even have enough furniture to put in all the rooms. The living room is huge and we might have to buy an additional love seat or chair just to make it cozy! The master Bath is cool! I got what I have always wanted in a house and that is a separate shower and huge soaking tub!!! Guess where I will spend a lot of alone time when needed!!! Anyways, My mom and two of my brothers are coming on Tuesday to help me pack and clean my old house and take care of Bo. We are moving on Saturday and oh did I mention that we are going to be neighbors with a couple from our Church! I am really excited about that! They are moving the same day we are so we are going to help each other out! So needless to say this next week I will not have time to post pictures from our trip that will have to wait till the following week. I just wanted to update you on what was going on so that you didn't begin to wonder if I fell of the face of the earth or something. The other exciting tidbit is that I have only have three weeks and 3 days till my due day!!!! Yay!!! Thank God mom is coming to help me!

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