Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Pictures

Who's that?

Here I am!

What's going on?

The Fam...


Aunt Beth


Anonymous said...

I cannot even begin to tell how proud I guys are just awesome and you have brought me so much God blesses you, I too am blessed beyond measure to see my kids walking in the Lord and fulfilling Gods promise to me that he would bless me to my children's children's children. I love Joel Brian and grampa is going to nick name him JB. I love you guys and miss being there so much! Praise God for his bountiful blessing: Joel Brian Bindewald. Love Grampa

Kirstin said...

yea!!! what a good looking family you have!

Anna said...

Look what happens when I don't check your blog for a couple of days - you go and have a baby on me! I am so excited for you guys! He is adorable!

Signe said...

Great pictures... so excited to hear Joel has made his presence known. Bo will be a great big brother.