Monday, May 26, 2008

Time with Good Friends!

Last weekend was very busy for us. First Brian and Anna came down for three days. Brian was attending a Radiohead Concert here in St. Louis. It was really great to see them and catch up with them. Anna's little baby bump is soooo cute! They left Saturday morning. On Friday night My good friend Tiffanie and her husband Jeff and the twins, Jake and Savannah! They stayed through Monday night! Bo, Jake and Savannah had a great time together. I think Bo is going to love having a little brother to play with. When the kids started playing Bo immediately picked up his ball and threw it at Savannah expecting her to throw it back and then he did the same thing to Jake. Poor Savannah she was out number by the boys =) We had a great time while they were here. Anyways here are a few pictures from their time here!

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A.K. said...

hey stranger! we finally got internet! those aren't the twins that were born last year arre they?! that we went shopping for at Maxwell?! they are soo cute! hope you all are doing well- how you feeling these days?!