Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I got a new Computer!

Well last night Jason and I went and bought me a laptop!!! We got a really good deal on one and we decided to go to laptops for our everyday use. We will still have a desk top just in case something ever happened to our lap top, but we are going to be using it more for storage than anything! So This week I am going to be working on transferring over all of my photos and getting them all online. I haven't decided which online storage place I am going to use, some that have been suggested are Picasa and snapfish? I am not sure what I want to do, Anyone have any suggestions? With Snapfish I order all my digital prints from them because they are only 9 cents a print. I would have unlimited storage with them but I would have to invite people to have access to my albums, which isn't a big deal, but I don't know? i believe if i go with snapfish that once you are invited to view my albums you can order pictures from there as well, at the 9 cents rate, so that might be good that way ya'll can get whatever photos you want? Anyways, I am still deciding? I do have some uploading to do to the blog here tomorrow! So until then to all of you a goodnight!

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Mike and Gail said...

I know Dawn has used snapfish before...maybe he would know...we've viewed hers a few times there.