Sunday, November 7, 2010

Switching Platforms!

I have decided to switch blogging platforms. I have been wanting to do some things to my blog and I can't for the life of me figure them out on Blogger. So now I will be over on Wordpress.
I did change the title of my blog to Pampered Mommy: Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom!

I am going to try and move some of my archived posts over to the new blog but that is going to take me awhile.

I also am going to revamp what I write about. I will still write about our family and our adventures and stories. But I am also wanting to branch out into sharing recipes, review, deals of the week, Pampered Chef info, crafts and daily tips. I want you to be able to use the information in your own life. With life being a little hectic right now it will probably take me the next week or so to get things set up the way I want them.

So come check me out!