Tuesday, November 2, 2010

In need of some helpful tips!

Jason and I are trying to think of ways to channel Joel's energy and love for "destroying" things.
We Love him so much but we are at our wits end as to know what to do. I fall so far behind with keeping the house up, when I have to follow him around the house and pick up messes that he makes. Now Joel isn't completely to blame, Bo encourages him sometimes. I know he needs to go outside everyday, but we don't have a backyard they can play in and the park in our courtyard is not fenced so the boys can't go out there by themselves because Joel will wander away. I however can't sit out there everyday because I have stuff to get done around the house. Plus, it is getting cold out now and I am not comfortable with Quinn being out there for long periods of time.

Joel loves to build things like with legos, blocks etc.(then destroy them). He loves books but tends to rip the pages. He wants to be potty trained. He likes to be independent. Joel loves eggs, he has now taken the carton out of the fridge and broken them 4 or 5 times now. He loves to climb on things and then jump off them. He is a thinker and contemplater.

So taking all these different things that he likes we are trying to think of ways to channel that energy so that there are fewer messes, melt downs and getting into everything. We were thinking maybe getting play food for him, investing in more board books, maybe getting one of those circular baby gates to put him in at a specified time each day and give him different activities to do? I don't know. Do you have any suggestions, activities, ideas that could help?

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