Sunday, October 17, 2010


For several months now Bo has wanted to go to school and would occasionally ask me to actually go. Recently, though is has been asking me everyday. I have been saying that I should just do his preschool workbook with him two or three days a week, but it is so easy to not do it because 1) I am not organized or set up 2) don't keep a regular calendar or schedule and 3) don't have the supplies to teach him properly.

So Monday morning I will be going to my local teacher supply store to get a few things to help keep me organized and on schedule. I also want to get a craft/game/song/activity book to get ideas from and use in our "little classroom".

Now, I am going to through this disclaimer in here...Just because I am going to be teaching Bo preschool does not mean I am going to Home school him, but it also doesn't mean that I won't. We haven't decided yet as to what we are going to do once he starts school. I feel there are advantages to both home schooling and public school or a private school. So I guess we will cross that bridge in a year or two.

Now to make things flow at home there are a few changes I will be making to help me stay organized. The first is I will be moving my craft stuff to the guest room closet. That way the closet in out family room can be dedicated to storage for preschool stuff and my Pampered chef office stuff. It will also work better if I move my craft stuff because Bo will be able to sit at my desk in the family room and Joel will be able to read books, color or play toys and I will be able to keep and eye on them both.

I need to work on a "schedule". Something I really suck at. I like having the freedom to do whatever whenever, BUT I know that if I want this to work and be effective I will need to have a schedule in place. I need to decide how long we want to do school, what days we want to do crafts, what field trips we want to take, when we take breaks etc... That is why we will be going to the store tomorrow, so that I can properly plan for the coming months.

Any thought, ideas or suggestions on what curriculum to use, good Dayton field trip destinations, themes, crafts etc..? I am open to all ideas!

Bo is so excited to do school, he really wants to learn! I am excited that he is excited!

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