Thursday, October 7, 2010

Birth Story!

Wednesday September 29th at 8:00 in the evening my mom, Jason and I arrived at the hospital for me to be induced.

I was being induced with a Foley Bulb. I had never heard of it before but it sounded less painful than getting straight cervadel and pitocin. Basically the Doctor places this bulb looking thing on my cervix and water is pumped into it and it will dilate me to 4 cm and the bulb would fall out. Then if contractions haven't started on there own by then I would then start a low dosage of pitocin. I started the evening off with having some blood drawn for lab work and then the Foley bulb was put in place. One of the labs came back and it showed I was low on Potassium, so I was given a supplement to last through the night and then when they start my IV in the morning I would be given potassium through that.

After talking with the doctor and nurses they said that even if the Foley bulb came out in the middle of the night they would not start pitocin or do anything really until at least 8:00 in the morning. So at 11:00 my mom went home to get some sleep and would come back in the morning. Jason and I then tried to get some sleep...Jason slept a bit but I had a hard time actually sleeping. The anticipation alone was enough to keep me up but I also had to pee every hour or so.

At about 3:00 in the morning the "contractions" that I had been feeling from the Foley bulb suddenly disappeared...I woke Jason up and told him that I think the bulb fell out. He said to try and get some sleep because they weren't going to do anything anyways. I managed to sleep from 3 till 5:00 when the nurses came in to draw some more blood and to remove the Foley bulb. I then couldn't fall back asleep and the nurses suggested that I take a shower and order some breakfast before they start me on the IV and Pitocin. By 7:00 I was eating breakfast and Jason was taking a shower. He then went downstairs to get some breakfast for himself.

The doctor and nurses came in at 8:00 and discussed how everything would go for the day and checked me to see how I was progressing. I was 4 cm 60% effaced and the baby was at -2 station. They then started me on a low dosage of pitocin at 8:15....My labor is officially starting. The contractions I was having were very mild and extremely manageable...I was even like "they can increase the pitocin" My mom and dad arrived with Bo and Joel at about 8:45 and they hung out for awhile. My dad took the boys home at about 12:30 so they could eat and get in a nap.

The nurse was increasing my pitocin every hour or so, but my contractions seemed to pick up for a bit and then die back down, every time the doctor checked me I was always about the same 4-5 cm 60-70% effaced and the baby was at -2 station. about 3:00 in the afternoon the midwife came in to check me to see if I had progressed enough for them to break my water. I was 6cm 70-80% effaced and the baby was still at -2 station. She did break my water and I could instantly feel my contractions get harder and stronger. I knew I wanted to get an epidural but I didn't need it just yet but I decided to have them call the anesthesiologist so that by the time I did need it they would be up there. Well after about 15 minutes she was there ready to give me the epidural so I went ahead and got it. I felt like it took awhile to start working...I could feel it working on my right side but not so much on my left. My contractions were getting stronger and closer together, still manageable for the most part, but definitely increasing in intensity. After about 45 minutes or so of trying to get my left side numb and under control I decided to have the doctor adjust the epidural. Contractions were starting to get to the unbearable stage. The doctor explained that I was having a Hot Spot, were the epidural was not reaching that part of my left side for whatever reason. She then adjusted it and gave me another dose of the medicine. The midwife checked me again and I was pretty much the same. 7 cm 80% effaced and the baby was at -2 -1 station. I was getting really frustrated.

The epidural was still not working on my left side. My contractions were really intense and I was extremely uncomfortable. The anesthesiologist said that she could try removing the existing epidural and placing a new one. I was nervous about doing it because the doc said it may or may not work. I knew I wanted it to work while I was pushing and the thought of not having one made me a little nervous. Jason then said to just do it. So by this time it is 6:00 and the doctor gave me a new epidural and gave me several doses of the medicine. 6:20 the new on is placed and is still not working...The contractions were unbearable and I was in sooo much pain on my left side. I was at the "I can't do this anymore" panicking stage.
It is now 6:40 and the nurse asks me if I have the urge to push I say no but i can't really feel anything. My right side was really numb because I had so much of the epidural trying to get my left side numb. The nurse then says she is going to check me since I can't feel anything.
The next 5 minutes were a whirlwind. The nurse was like "Holy cow we have a baby. She is at +3 station." My doctor was in a C-section and non of the staff doctors or pediatricians were there. Since it was taking me so long to progress they were all off seeing other patients. In a matter of 5 minutes there were so many people in and out of my room. I was in so much pain. It hurt so bad I couldn't cry and I felt like vomiting. It was chaos in my room, the door was open and people were walking in and out. Since I was delivering early they needed to have the staff doctors and pediatricians in my room just in case anything went wrong. My doctor walks in and she throws on a gown says push and she catches the baby. Seriously one push that's all it took. 6:55pm and she was out!

My doctor places her on my chest and things are looking good. Everybody was crying, Jason, me, my mom, the baby...All was looking good. Jason leans over and we both decide on her name Quinn Kaia Bindewald, needless to say my mom was happy! Quinn was perfect weighing in at 6lbs 12ozs 18 3/4 inches long.

The doctor got me all cleaned up and then Bo, Joel, my dad and brothers came into the room. Bo was very happy to see his baby sister. Joel was a little uneasy and wasn't sure what was going on. They all stayed for about 20 minutes and then my mom and dad took them all home.
At about 7:00 Jason ordered us a pizza! After we were done eating I got up and took a shower and Jason started moving my things to the recovery room.

I felt amazing. I was not sore and I did not feel like I just had a baby. I was tired however. Jason got Quinn and I all settled in the recovery room and then her headed home to sleep. I was able to nurse Quinn almost right away after giving birth and she was a pro! I nursed her once we were in the new room and then we slept.
Quinn was doing great. She did loose a little bit of weight and when we left the hospital on Saturday she weighed 6lbs 5ozs. It was so great to be home...Sleeping in my own bed. When I woke up Sunday morning my back was a little sore and my stomach muscle were sore from getting up so much during the night. I still don't feel like I had a baby, I have been out and about and up and moving. Adding the 3rd child has been an easy transition. The boys are in Love with Quinn. They want to hold her and kiss her and hug her! Bo wants to go buy her toys...LOL

My mom left on Thursday morning and it was great having her here to help with everything. Jason's mom is getting here on Friday night and it will be great having her here as well!

Anyways, I think that does it. Uffda!

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