Tuesday, October 12, 2010

New cookbooks!!!

I love to bake bread but sometimes it takes so long and usually when i think of baking bread my day is half over. My friend Sarah recommended this book and I just bought it on Amazon!!!
It is called "Artisan Bread in Five minutes a Day: The discovery that revolutionizes home baking"!
I am so excited to try it and the book should arrive by Friday hopefully!

I also checked out a cookbook from the library today called "Cooking Lite: Holiday Baking"!
I am going to browse through the book and see if it would be worth buying. I am curious to see how they make the deliciousness of the holiday season "lighter". I am not willing sacrifice normal healthy, quality ingredients for plastic fake garbage. So I will be spending the rest of my afternoon browsing this cookbook and maybe get adventurous to try a recipe this afternoon...we'll see.

What are some new recipes or cookbooks you are trying?

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