Tuesday, May 18, 2010

17 weeks

Sorry I didn't post on my official 17 week day, we were headed up to Minneapolis for a wedding that day so technically I am closer to 18 weeks. The baby is the size of an onion, although I feel bigger...LOL... Weight gain is still under control, which I am extremely happy about! I even had a couple people tell me that I look like I have lost weight even though I am almost 18 weeks pregnant! YAY!
I feel great! I finally look like I have a pregnant belly and not just a fat belly. I am carrying very high which I think makes me look bigger than I really am but whatever. I do have a little trouble sleeping at night, not to bad but when I have to switch from side to side I wake up because it is like an 8 point turn...LOL But otherwise I am sleeping well. I am eating well I have my appetite back completely except for not being able to eat or drink a few things, but at least I am not vomiting anymore!
I have my 20 week ultrasound scheduled for Tuesday June 1st! Exactly 2 weeks from today!!! I am so excited to find out if we are having a boy or girl. I really want a girl but I think it will be a boy. Jason thinks it will be a girl.....so we are taking bets!

This past weekend we were in Minneapolis, a high school buddy of Jason's got married and Jason was one of the Groomsmen. The boys and I were not going to go but we changed our minds last minute! We surprised Grandma and grandpa! We let the boys wake them up at midnight when we got in! It was fun!
The wedding went well and was a lot of fun seeing catching up with friends! Everyone was able to enjoy the open bar since I was the built in designated driver!
On Sunday we went to Canterbury park and had a great time! Bo got to ride a pony...Joel did not enjoy it however. It was such a beautiful day and it was so nice to just relax and hang out with family and friends!

This week I am unpacking and straightening things up as well as plan and pack for our camping trip this weekend. So I will be pretty busy, but we are looking forward to camping with the boys and our friends Dan and Lizzie!

Well that about does it for this past week! Oh Ya, I cute my hair! I love it so here is my first pregnancy photos!!!

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Anna said...

Oh! You look so cute!!!! I love the hair! My money is definitely with Jason, I'm betting it will be a girl too. Have fun camping!