Sunday, May 30, 2010

Boys will be Boys!

When we went camping a week ago, Bo learned how to pee on a tree. He doesn't pee standing up yet because he is to short and that is just a mess that I am not ready to start cleaning up. So he still sits down. Our friends Dan and Lizzies son Blake taught Bo how to pee on a tree, and Bo is loving this new "Trick". Ever since we got home he thinks it is cool to pee in the back yard. He just stops what he is doing and pee's in the grass.

At first I am like Boys will be Boys, they pee outside, BUT he took this new found freedom to the next level and started Pooping in the back yard. He just squats down and poops. The first time it happened I couldn't help but laugh...It was so funny and the way he was so excited was hilarious. However, he has continued to use the backyard as his anytime restroom.

If you are friends with Jason on Facebook you may have seen some of the many funny conversation quotes between us and Bo. One of which goes like this...
Bo: "I can pee in the grass!!!"
Jason: "No, do not pee in the grass"
Bo: "Ok I go pee in the pool!!!"

We have been trying to explain to Bo that you cannot just drop your pants and go potty in the backyard. He has been getting better He is not pooping anymore, he still pees sometimes, but I am ok with that. I guess I can't be to mad at him for using the backyard as a bathroom, since I am the one who lets him run around the back yard naked. Again I am ok with that because we have a privacy fence and it is just Bo and Joel. If other kids were over I would make hime wear clothes.

But hey Boy will be Boys, right?

I love this kid! Bo is always so happy, energetic and full of life. You never know what he is going to do next! I love that about him!

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