Wednesday, May 26, 2010

18 and 19 weeks...

I have gotten a little behind in my posts, due to some traveling and trying to get caught up on things around the house. So here is last weeks and this weeks post in one! Last Thursday was my 18 week mark. The baby is about the size of a sweet Potato. I have been having a lot of acid reflux and indigestion lately. Which I hate...but I can manage it pretty well. If it gets worse though I may ask for something from the doctor, we'll see.
As for week 19 the baby is the size of a Mango. I have started to feel a lot more movement over the past week or two! That is my favorite part of being pregnant. I just think it is amazing that this little baby is growing stronger everyday and I can feel it move cool! This week is dragging for me, probably because I am so anxious for my ultrasound next Tuesday. I can't wait to fin out if we are having a boy or girl. Up until last week I thought we were going to have another boy but now I feel it's a girl, Jason also thinks we are having a girl. I guess we will have to wait and see!!! But, honestly I will be happy with either! Babies are so precious!

Other happenings this weekend include more packing, house hunting, planning Jason's birthday party, cleaning my house for a BBQ on Monday, Bo's friends birthday party, grocery shopping, helping friends move, farmers market, Greek festival, Shakespeare festival, Church and shopping. WOW we have a lot going on =)

Friday is my shopping day, I will be going to Trader Joes, Target, Sams, the Commissary and babies r us! It's the only day I can do my shopping. Saturday we are going to the farmers market. I am excited to get some fresh fruits and veggies! I am going to be making fresh home made salsa and guacamole! Then we are going to stop by the Greek festival, come home and give the boys a nap, I am then going to help my friend Laura clean her house, then go to a birthday party, and then we are going to relax in Forest park while enjoying the Shakespeare in the park!
Sunday we have Church and then a big BBQ to go to all afternoon.
Monday I will be straightening up the house and getting ready for our small group BBQ!

Anyways, that's is what I have going on this weekend! Do you have any big plans for Memorial day?

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