Wednesday, June 16, 2010

22 Weeks, updates and more

Actually I am going into Month 6! Not month 5 like the picture says. I am 22 Weeks and man has this past week just flown by. It has been a whirlwind really. I am really starting to feel the baby kicking, sometimes it really hurts and it happens out of nowhere and it is extremely painful. It feels like I pulled a muscle for the brief second. However feeling the baby kick and move around is my most favorite part of being pregnant! I am still having restless nights, except the last few I have slept really well. Probably due to complete exhaustion.

Jason's birthday party ended up being a lot of fun but there was some major stress and drama all day Friday trying to get things ready. I will spare you the long drawn out story, but basically I forgot several things for different recipes, Bo had VBS, I had to pick the Keg up, Clean my house, Make all the food and still take care of the boys. The Keg is a whole another story. Basically we ended up not getting a keg because the guy at the class six store was a COMPLETE jerk and they didn't get our keg delivered. So All day Friday I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Over all the though the party was a lot of fun.

We had so much beer left over that we decided to continue the party Saturday night with some of our close friends! Saturday was go, go, go as well. Jason had some Boy scout stuff to do, we had a retirement party to go to, things to clean up around the house and then people were coming back over at 6 Saturday night.
Sunday was more of a down day. I was so exhausted and burnt out that we stayed home from Church and just slept. How bad is it that I don't even remember what we did Sunday afternoon?

This week I have been exhausted as well. Our Friends Mike and Laura and their 3 kids have been staying with us for the past week while they wait to close on their house. It has been so much fun having them stay with us! It just makes for Late nights, Early mornings and busy days. Just because us adults stay up till midnight/1:00 doesn't mean the kids will sleep past 6:00 LOL All this week with the exception of today it has been raining outside so the kids, I think all got cabin fever yesterday and my patience was wearing thin with the boys. They really needed to get outside and play. Luckly tonight is supposed to be nice so I think we are all going to try and go to the park down the street after dinner!

Now on to the chaos that is coming up. I realized today that I have exactly 18 days before we leave to go house hunting, Pampered Chef conference and the Family Reunion in NY. Eeeek. I have so much to do. I really need to get my butt in gear and get some stuff packed. I have gotten a few boxes packed here and there but I really just need to keep out the essentials and get everything packed up. I also need to finish up some sewing projects that are for the family reunion. I need to start getting my pampered chef stuff put together for the conference. I need to do some more house hunting online and set up a time to view the houses when we will be in Dayton to house hunt. I have a Pampered Chef show that I have to do next week and finish getting ready for! I also have to start a cleaning list of things that need to be or can be done prior to moving out. So my list is getting longer and longer everyday. I mean I am really down to the wire. I basically have 2 1/2 weeks to get most of this done. My July is shot. When I do get home I have the pre-inspection walk through and then it's August. I have Joel's Birthday party on the 7th and then we are cleaning the house and packing the truck all that next week and we will be living in TLF come that week.

Anyways, I am feeling discontent and a little overwhelmed at the moment. I need to be content in where we are at. I am so anxious to move and for August to be here that I feel like I am missing out on just enjoying the moment however busy it may be. My patience is also wearing thin, I try to get certain things done and with the boys running around getting into stuff just makes me loose it sometimes. Maybe I will have a packing party! Have some friends come over and help me pack and take care of the boys and get all the stuff they get into packed up and then I just don't have to worry about.....What a great Idea! =)
Ok so Saturday June 19 if you want to come hang out and help for awhile I will be here packing away and I will feed you and make Iced Coffees!

Ok sorry for such a long post I always seem to go on and on. But thanks for reading and I will give updates later this week!

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Anonymous said...

Is it bad that your fetus representation is making me hungry? Is that a mango? I'm getting ready to move too, and it's helped me ALOT to just sit down and write a schedule -- if, for no other reason, to prove to myself that everything CAN get done.
Love you -- hang in there mama!