Thursday, April 15, 2010

13 weeks

Today marks 13 weeks! Overall I am feeling a ton better, aside from being tired, which probably won't go away. LOL. (TMI) I got the results from the UTI lab that was done and everything came back normal! YAY! My doctor wants to do another ultra-sound to see if there is anything that could be causing the cramping that I have been having. At my last doctors appointment she had to use ultra-sound to find the baby's heart beat and everything was looking fine then, so she expects things will be fine now. If everything is A-OK then she wants to do and ultra-sound of my kidneys and make sure I don't have a kidney stone. I have never had one but that just sound horrible. Another possibility is constipation, which I have had a lot of. UGH....She did prescribe me some collace to see if that helps, we'll see. Hopefully that's what is causing the cramping. She just wants to be on the safe side and do the other ultra-sounds. I am not going to complain, cuz that means I get to see baby!

Anyways, I am still down almost 6 pounds. I have really been watching my diet and trying to be good. Now that doesn't mean I don't indulge in some of my craving, because I totally do. If I do then I just know, that if I have taco bell for lunch then we are having salads for dinner, or grilled chicken and broccoli ect... I am very happy with my diet, I feel like I am getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, while still maintaining my weight!

Well that about does is it for this post. I will be busy with the yard sale all weekend and then we are hanging out with some friends on Saturday night, who are moving next week. So it will be a busy weekend! Ta ta for now!

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