Wednesday, April 7, 2010

12 Weeks!

So I will officially be 12 weeks and into my second trimester tomorrow! Wahoo! I am slowly but surely starting to feel better, but I am still tired a lot. I had my first doctors appointment on Tuesday and I have had a couple of ahha and Duh moments to fasten your seat belts this may be a long post....=)

I know last week I posted on having a lot of ear pain and pressure and headaches and eye pain ect...Well last week we went to Subway for dinner and as we were sitting there I had a major DUH moment. I asked Jason and realized that all the pain that I was having with my head is probably due to the stupid root canal that I need to have done. I mean come on I have an exposed nerve in my mouth....Duh... I had a filling fall out last November and due to the holiday schedule, traveling and a bunch of other stuff I was not able to get into the dentist until mid January. I told them that a filling fell out and I needed it fixed. They wanted me to come in for a standard cleaning and then go from there. So I did and thats when the doc said it would be easier to do a root canal and crown to keep it from happening again in the future. So I then scheduled an appointment for February, but in the process I found out I was pregnant and they had to wait until I could get the approval from my doc in order to do it....Good news My doctor says I can have it done! Thank the Lord! Hopefully that will take care of all the pain and pressure. So until I can get in, more like come up with the $600, floss is my new best friend, I carry it with me everywhere!

I had my first doctors appointment on Tuesday! It was really long...I was there for almost 3 hours. I am very happy to report that I am down almost 6 pounds! Which I am sooo stoked about. I am really trying hard to manage my food portions and what I eat in general. Like I have said before I drink a LOT of water and tea, so that is really helping with my craving/binge control. I am really hoping to gain no more than 10 pounds the whole pregnancy. The doctor I saw I really liked, she was down to earth, really nice, listened to what I had to say and overall encouraging! So I am for sure staying with her until we move. (TMI Alert) As with a first appointment they did a pap, full exam and a breast exam. Ugh. Glad that is over. I also talked to the doc about the abdominal pains that I have been having and she was concerned that I may have a UTI (urinary tract infection) So I had to take a test. It came back with a little blood in my urine so they sent it off to the lab to be cultured. I should here back tomorrow with the results. So I will keep you posted on that. Overall the appointment went well. Baby's heartbeat is strong and looking good! I have another appointment in 4 weeks.
I have an ultrasound photo that I will upload tomorrow.

I am very much a go, go, go person. I always seem to be doing something. That is not always a good thing. I think I have posted about this problem before? I always seem to feel ok in the morning and early afternoon, but once 2:00 or 3:00 roll around I am beat. I physically can't get things done unless I take a nap, so I have been indulging in a nap almost everyday. Then I get an energy boost around dinner time (unless I didn't get a nap) and then around 7:00 I am done. My problem, for sure, right now is time management. I need to learn to work around what my body is telling me and adjust to this new schedule. How long this schedule will last I don't know. I would hope not the whole pregnancy but ya just never know. I feel really overwhelmed right now with my list of things to do and get done. I am getting ready for a yard sale next weekend and I have piles of stuff all over my house that are for the yard sale but I don't know where to put everything. My pile of yard sale stuff in the garage is Gigantic and I can't add more to it. So i guess there are some positives...I am getting rid of stuff, We are downsizing for our move in August, hopefully this means my house will be easier to maintain! The down side is a very cluttered looking house for the next week and a half. I figured it will all be worth it in the end. SO FYI, if you stop by my house the next week and half it will probably look like a tornado came through....=) I have a few ideas that I have gotten from a few different friends that i am going to work on putting into motion this week to help "maintain" a clean house...well at least LOOK clean. Like I am going to put toilet bowl cleaner behind each toilet, so that when I notice it is looking dingy I can take the 2 minutes and swish it around and just keep it clean. I LOVE my Swiffer mop! My floors are cleaner in general all the time! plus it is fun to use! I have already put into motion the whole toy system, which I think I have already posted about. It is going well! I am not drowning in toys all the time! I am designating a drawer in this buffet thing we have by our front door for things that need to go upstairs, if it doesn't fit in the drawer it gets taken up right away. My hope is that between Jason and I we can empty it at the end of the day, but more than likely it will probably be once or twice a week. We'll see. But I am tired of things getting piled up that need to go upstairs, cuz they always seem to sit there for 1-10 days. depends on what it is.
I definitely feel like there are times I always fail in keeping up with the house. In some cases I have realized that the bathrooms are still going to be there tomorrow, cuz I don't want to miss out on things with the boys. It's a balancing act for sure, but I guess I am struggling right now though, esp...when I have a limited window of time to get things done right now. If I try to do to much, I break down emotionally, usually because I am so exhausted. I honestly think that once I can get all this "extra" stuff out of my house for the yard sale that it will help a lot with everything. I just need to make it through this next week. Nothing is coming back into my house after the yard sale, whatever doesn't sell will ALL be donated. Less stuff=less stuff to put away and clean!

Well those are my thoughts for this week. I hope that made sense...Sorry again for the long post I tend to ramble. =)

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